Gabriel Sirat

CSO and founder
Gabriel Sirat is an inventor, a physicist and an engineer; he is a recognized world expert in crystal optics and instrumentation. He transforms theoretical concepts into practical systems, going from the blackboard to functional devices. During his Ph.D. at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, he was the inventor of the first single pixel camera (1983). As a postdoc in Caltech, he invented Conoscopic Holography (1985), which evolved later on to become a major engineering technique, present in dental scanners or in metal inspection, as well as in many metrology fields. In 1989, he was appointed Professor at the prestigious Telecom Paris. He left Academia in 1992, in order to gain the freedom to invent and to be an entrepreneur. He co-founded Optimet, an optical metrology company and served there as CTO until 1996. He then went on to found several start-ups and was active in telecommunications, lithography, metrology and spectroscopy. Gabriel founded BioAxial in 2010 with a vision to conduct it towards excellence and leadership in super-resolution microscopy. He is the author of many scientific papers, and of more than 35 patent families (135 patents), many of them being translated into practical devices and start-ups.