Related Publications

2019: The Wnt/Ca2+ pathway is involved in interneuronal communication mediated by tunneling nanotubes

Jessica Y Vargas, Frida Loria, Yuan-Ju Wu, Gonzalo Córdova, Takashi Nonaka, Sébastien Bellow, Sylvie Syan, Masato Hasegawa, Geeske M van Woerden, Capucine Trollet, Chiara Zurzolo / The EMBO Journal

2018: RanBP2 regulates the anti-retroviral activity of TRIM5α by SUMOylation at a predicted phosphorylated SUMOylation motif

Maarifi G. Fernandez J. Portilho D.M. Boulay A. Dutrieux J. Oddos S. Butler-Browne G. Nisole S. & Arhel  H. J. / Communications Biology

2018: Optogenetic light sensors in retinal organoïds

Garita-Hernandez M. Guibbal L. Toualbi L. Routet F. Chaffiol A. Winckler C. Harinquet M. Robert C. Fouquet S. Bellow S. Sahel J-A. Goureau O. Duebel J. Dalkara D. / Front. Neurosci., 02 November 2018

2017: Tumor suppressor menin is required for subunit-specific nAChR Alpha5 transcription and nAChR-dependent presynaptic facilitation in cultured mouse hippocampal neruons

Getz A. M. Xu F. Visser F. Persson R. Syed N.I.
DOI 10.1038/s41598-017-01825-x / Scientific Reports 7, Article number: 1768

2016: Role of non-motile microtubule-associated proteins in virus trafficking

Portilho D.M. Persson R. Arhel N.
DOI 10.1515/bmc-2016-0018 / INSERM U941, University Institute of Hematology, Saint-Louis Hospital, F-75010 Paris, France; and BioAxial SAS, F-75014 Paris, France / Centre d’Études d’Agents Pathogènes et Biotechologies pour la Santé (CPBS)-FRE 3689 CNRS, and Université de Montpellier, F-34293 Montpellier, France.

2016: A role for septin 2 in Drp1-mediated mitochondrial fission

Pagliuso A. Tham T. N. Stevens J. K. Lagache T. Persson R. Salles A. Olivo-Marin J.C3. Oddos S. Spang A. Cossart P. Stavru F.
EMBO Rep. 2016 Jun;17(6):858-73. doi: 10.15252/embr.201541612. Epub 2016 May 23.

2016: Accurate axial localization by conical diffraction beam shaping generating a dark-helix PSF

Fallet C. Lassalle A. Dubois-Delumeau M. Sirat G.Y.
SPIE BiOS, 971414-971414-6

2015: A new method to achieve tens of nm axial super-localization based on conical diffraction PSF shaping

Fallet C. Dubois M. Tinevez J.Y. Oddos S. Caron J. Persson R. Shorte S.L. Sirat G.Y.
SPIE BiOS, 93310Q-93310Q-11

2014: Conical diffraction illumination opens the way for low phototoxicity super-resolution imaging

Caron J. Fallet C. Tinevez J.Y. Moisan L. Braitbart L.P. Sirat G.Y. Shorte S.L.
BioAxial SAS – Paris (France), Imagopole / PFID / Institut Pasteur – Paris (France), Université Paris Descartes, Laboratoire MAP5 – Paris (France).

2014: Conical diffraction as a versatile building block to implement new imaging modalities for superresolution in fluorescence microscopy

Fallet C. Caron C. Oddos S. Tinevez J.Y. Moisan L. Sirat G.Y. Braitbart P.O. Shorte S.L.
SPIE NanoScience+ Engineering, 916905-916905-6

2014: Focusing by a high numerical aperture lens of distributions generated by conical diffraction

Rosset S. Fallet C. Sirat G.Y.
Optics letters 39 (23), 6569-6572