As a fast growing company, BioAxial is always on the lookout for highly motivated professionals. Our team brings together optical engineers, experts in image processing, mathematicians, physicists, biologists and life science business professionals who all enjoy working together in turning invisible into visible! Should you wish to participate in BioAxial’s growth, please send your resume and motivation letter to

Assistant engineer

Division: adaptive optics for defocus and aberration corrections

Location: BioAxial, Paris

Starting date: 2018/07/01

Internship description

Adaptive optics is now a very-well documented field of optics and is still at the origins of many new developments. Bioaxial is currently working towards the development of an adaptive optics scheme that would allow to both adapt the focus, and correct the aberrations of the system.

A tentative schedule of the internship would be as follows :

1 month of literature review about current state of the art wave front analysis and correction

1-2 months of simulation and design of the optical setup for adaptive optics

1-2 months of implementation in BioAxial system

1 month of documentation of the past months work


The successful candidate will possess the following combination of knowledge, skills, and experience:

  • Student in M.S. in physics with a strong emphasis on Optics/Photonics and all related fields.
  • Expertise in Advanced Matlab programming.
  • Hands-on experience in design, fabrication, and testing of optical devices.
  • Strong problem-solving skills.
  • Experience in a lab room, esp. aligning and assembling optical test benches.
  • Excellent English verbal and written communications skills.
  • Experience in microscopy esp. fluorescence microscopy is a plus.
  • Speaking French is a plus, but not mandatory.


Scientific assistant – intellectual property

Location: Paris

Start date: 2018/07/01

Duration of the contract: 4 months

Internship description

As a full member of the scientific team, the scientific assistant will participate in all phases related to the predefined patent filing process in France and internationally. Other responsibilities will be to follow up on existing procedures and annuities settlements.


The successful candidate will possess the following combination of knowledge, skills, and experience:

  • Master’s degree in intellectual property
  • Knowledge of biology, preferably with a Bachelor’s degree.
  • Fluent in English

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