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Internship in Microscopy and Crystal Optics

MSc Level (6 months for spring-summer 2019)

Axial Super-Resolution in CODIM Technology

Division: Operations and Development

Reports to: Snr. Optics Engineer and Project Leader

Location: BioAxial, 75014 Paris

Internship Description

The CODIM technology is currently limited to 2D acquisition with an axial resolution still limited to the confocal resolution. This device breaks the diffraction limits by shaping the excitation beam. To implement 3D super-resolution in CODIM technology, we want to investigate PSF shaping in 3D by a biaxial crystal. The main interest of the internship will be to investigate the use of new distributions of light to achieve 3D super-resolution. These distributions need special properties like excellent contrast, capacity, and aberration resistance upon propagation. The intern will be in charge of both the theoretical and experimental validation of such distributions.

A tentative schedule of the internship is as follows:

  • 2 weeks dedicated to bibliography and technology review
  • 3 weeks of simulation of the 3D distributions.
  • 2 months of implementation in the system.
  • 2 month of validation and optimization of the system
  • 1 month of documenting the past months work

Profile (Education/Experience)

The successful candidate will possess the following combination of knowledge, skills, and experience:

  • Student in MSc in Physics with a strong emphasis on Optics/Photonics and all related fields.
  • Expertise in Advanced Matlab programming.
  • Hands-on experience in design, fabrication, and testing of optical devices.
  • Strong problem solving skills.
  • Experience in a lab room, especially aligning and assembling optical test benches.
  • Excellent verbal and written communications skills in English.
  • Experience in microscopy (especially fluorescence microscopy) is a plus.
  • French Speaking is a plus, but not mandatory.

Internship in Intellectual Property

Master of Law Level (6 months, start as soon as possible)

Division: Research and Science

Reports to: CSO

Location: BioAxial, 75014 Paris

Internship Description

A patent portfolio comprising 11 patent families supports the CODIM technology. So far, twenty patents have been issued to BioAxial, including five in the US and three in Japan. This portfolio is one of the most ambitious and richest in the field and covers both BioAxial’s technology and some potential developments in competing technologies.

In addition, it protects the new generation of Super Resolution systems, announced in 2016, capable of achieving nanometer resolution on living objects and thus addressing the fundamental question of « dynamic visualization of a virus penetrating a cell « .

The intern aims to:

  • Perform a synthesis and rationalization of the patent portfolio in order to explain and visualize adequately the scope of BioAxial’s intellectual property.
  • Compile the intellectual property of the other actors in the industry, producing a study of points of friction between the intellectual property of BioAxial and those of the other actors.
  • Prepare a strategic file to enable management to make the choice of elements on which BioAxial could use additional legal means to protect its rights
  • Prepare files in case of « litigation » – offensive or defensive, in the US or in Europe

Profile (Education/Experience)

The successful candidate will possess the following combination of knowledge, skills, and experience:

  • A student in Master of Law in Intellectual Property
  • Excellent analytical and communication skills in English
  • Ability to multi-task and deal with quickly shifting priorities
  • Ability to work dedicatedly with varying levels of supervision
  • A background in Physics, Biology or Microscopy (especially Fluorescence Microscopy) is a plus.
  • Speaking French is a plus, but not mandatory.

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