January 30, 2018

Japan-France co-funded Project Event

BioAxial, Konica Minolta, and Institut Pasteur were celebrating the three years of their partnership in Paris, along with Bpifrance, NEDO, who jointly funded the project.
It was a great moment, where participants and guests presented the result of their research, and their expectations for future developments. They all shared their passion for improving life.
In addition to Konica Minolta, Institut Pasteur, Bpifrance, NEDO, participants included representatives from Sanofi, the Embassy of Japan in France, Business France, Paris Région Entreprise, JETRO, Medicen, and Paris Santé Cochin. Top management from inviCRO (Boston) were also present, as they recently joined the Konica Minolta group, in its new strategy to accelerate growth in bio-medicine.

News from NEDO

January 22, 2018

US Patent covering « Black fluorophore » technology

BioAxial was granted a US patent covering « black fluorophore », a pivotal component of « Dark Tracking » technology, which will be included in the second generation of CODIM products. This patent consolidates the company’s patent portfolio, comprising ten patent families. It allows conical diffraction to push the current limits of super-resolution microscopy, to just a few nanometers, using such low amount of light that even living cells can be observed.

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Press Release


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European Light Microscopy Initiative, 05-08 June 2018

18th European Light Microscopy Initiative Meeting
University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4
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